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לוח שנה בגינה התשע"ח 2017-2018

לוח שנה עיברי -לועזי חקלאי- מאויר
יוצא במהדורה חדשה ונהדרת לגמרי !@

2 A Year in the Garden

2 A Year in the Garden

48.00$ Regular Price
45.00$Sale Price

A Year in the Garden 2020-2021 (Hebrew year of 5781)

A hand-illustrated agricultural calendar, which serves as a guide to home gardening, growing vegetable at home, and nature in Israel.

The calendar is suitable for Israel, as well as other places in the world with a similar climate.

In this edition of the calendar you will find an abundance of detailed and illustrated knowledge per month – on growing vegetables, trees and flowers; ideas for “green” projects; and sowing, planting and harvesting times.

This wonderful new edition,  invites us to get to know the fruit trees,
the vegetables, the flowers and the local seeds of our area – from planting until they bear fruit.


A variety of professional tips for your home garden ~ sowing and planting times ~seasonal recipes for preserving food ~ an abundance of illustrations of local plants.


This year the desert tortoise accompanies us throughout the calendar: we’ll learn about its habits during the year.


14 double-sided color pages
12 months + 3 months of next year’s calendar
32 cm wide x 42 cm high

Produced at an official environment-friendly printing press

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    We have launched the pre-sale !

    Estimated delivery time - August 1st

    Estimated arrival time - August 15th

    Have a great year

*Calendars will be ready for shipping on August 1st
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