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A Year in the garden calendar

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A hand-illustrated detailed calendar which is also a monthly guide to home gardening.

The calendar is created anew each year by the artist and gardening expert Ilana Stein.

It was borne out of the direct interconnection between the seasons and the changing crops.

A new month begins and brings changes — in the field and in the forest, in the garden and in our kitchen.


About the calendar


A hand-illustrated Jewish calendar,  that serves as a detailed monthly guide to home gardening in Israel and other places with a Mediterranean climate.


Each year, my calendar has a different theme; the inspiration this time is permaculturea. A method of gardening and design that aspires to find balance between human culture and agriculture.

A Year in the Garden — new every year :-)


In the calendar


On each page of the calendar you can find an abundance of  illustrated monthly information:

  • A host of professional tips for your home garden

  • sowing and planting times.

  • growing plants from seed.

  • seasonal vegan recipes.

  • dates of new moon & full moon, global eco days and more.

  • suitable for Mediterranean climate zone

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