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Ordering Options

Dear Buyers, Hello
This year it will be possible to receive the calendar in two ways
Distribution Point - There are about 30 distribution points scattered throughout the country where you can collect the calendar without waiting by post and without payment of postage
For a list of distribution points and additional information

Mailing - The possibility of shipping by registered mail or courier (plus payment of shipping charges charged by Israel Post). We will notify you of the delivery of the mail item and we will send you a number to follow up the mail until you arrive at your home

What is ?

A calendar in the garden
A unique calendar that is illustrated
Book and guide for setting up a home garden
Which is also beautiful, also teaches, both seasonal and local
(And that's why we did not print in China)
And environmentally friendly
@ ---> ---

What's going on ?

Released in a brand new edition!
Describing the cycle of the year in the garden and in the field.
This is a special and pleasant way to get to know nature!
And in fact constitutes a rich annual work plan on the terrace in the field and in the forest in view of the change in season.
The upcoming edition "Friends in the Garden"
Wonderful for lovers of nature and lovers of gardening and gathering.

technical details :

Panel size: 31X44 cm after opening
Printed in ecological print
Price per board - 75 NIS (Quantity discount)

רוצה להזמין מתנה לחג לכל החברה? למשפחה ? לקהילה ? חברים ? ארגון ?

צרו קשר להצעה מעולה...כדאי לכםן וגם לנו 

,בואו להיות ענף, בעץ  לוח שנה בגינה

.ויחד נגדיל את השפע

צרו קשר עם אברי רוטנברג

בטלפון 0556624995 או במייל 

New content!
New illustrations!
New recipes
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