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Dear friends and purchasers

I believe that with a calendar in the garden you can deepen the knowledge of each and every one of us with the seasons and abundance available to us all from Mother Earth.

Observe and listen to and better understand the cycle of the year in which we live.
The newness and abundance that exist in each season and the wonderful synchronization between them

We have a vision and this calendar is just the beginning!

A calendar in the garden is the second of the calendars translated to English  

It Will be updated each year and will contain new and varied information in each edition.

In this edition we will focus on gardening in the house the bee's life and will include all of info on growing pots, green walls, vertical growth, hydroponics and more.

We see educational importance in distributing a calendar in the garden, and we want this knowledge to be integrated into the education of our children in the various frameworks.

This project allows us to create a network of people whose land is close to their hearts and hands (yes, you !!).
This network has tremendous power for joint activity, accumulation and knowledge sharing, and even the distribution of resources.
Soon, the fruit of these collaborations is to bring up a calendar site in the garden "that will contain information about gardening, gathering and culinary activities, according to the months of the year.

You are invited to join a calendar tree in the garden and enjoy its fruits.
To be a branch of the calendar tree and to some of its fruits to friends, acquaintances and family members,
Or be a fruit tree yourself and take part in distributing a calendar in the garden by recognizing educational institutions, green organizations, companies and private bodies that can enjoy the fruits of sweet.


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